Have fun while you learn

The Wild School bushcraft and woodland courses involve a wide variety of workshops, activities, games and general fun in the outdoors. All the main elements of bushcraft knowledge, survival techniques, campcraft and handicraft are inter-woven with fun games, workshops, challenges and discussions, all underpinned by a theoretical understanding of science and nature.

Perfect enviroment to learn

All subjects and topics are typically infused with jokes,humour, games and often in depth philosophical discussions and always with subtle reinforcement of manners, respectfulness, and consideration for others. It seems to work.

Great learning support

Learning about plants, trees, wildlife and weather is an inescapable part of outdoor study with the woodland sounds, smells, seasons and the environmental conditions changing constantly. This all goes very nicely hand in hand of course with the topic of ecology and sustainability of valuable resources. We could go on ad infinitum about the myriad ways of applying classroom learning to the outdoors.

It has long been a tried and tested teaching tool here, particularly involving Children experiencing learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems with clearly apparent positive learning outcomes.

Fun and rewarding learning

It has long been obvious to us that confining perhaps angry or aggressive children in the pressure cooker environment of a small class room with other angry or aggressive children will likely have one predictable result. In the woods there are no walls to kick against and there is endless opportunity to diffuse difficult situations by immediately positively re tasking a child away from the source of conflict.

Fun and rewarding hands on learning interspersed with physical 'cathartic' excercise or activity is a winning combination. The promise of a bout of tug 'o'war or game of British bulldog for 5 mins in every 40 mostly gets results. The satisfaction of self reliance and responsibility bestowed upon each individual also results in many positive behaviour changes in our experience. Give it a try.


(weaving, basketry, natural fabric dying, plaiting and braiding, face painting,wreath making, charcoal production and drawing, song, dance or theatrical performance in a woodland setting perhaps?)

Woodwork and Design

(Hand hewn Bowls,spoons, spatulas, mallets, tent pegs, bows and arrows, woodland shelters or pot hanging contraptions for cooking, each crafted using axe, knife, saw and fire employing time seasoned methods. Knots and lashings to build stretchers, litters A frames or benders . How about coracle building?)


Many elements of the natural sciences can be introduced, reinforced and practically demonstrated through experimentation and hands on experience with just a little imagination. (Turn away now if you are not a science teacher!)


(fire theory and safety, the action of pyrolysis in charcloth making, the behaviour of heated/cooled liquids, mechanics of levers, vectors and moments of forces using lashed poles and staves. The cycles of the tides, sun, moon and navigation by the stars or other celestial bodies , making a working sundial or a solar still for water collection, understanding cloud formations and predicting the weather and endless other ideas)

Chemistry /Biology

Fire lighting methods exploring oxidization of praeseodymium and other rare earth metals along with catalytic exothermic reactions between various compounds and organic substrates, the effects of mordents on natural pigments used in fabric dying, food preservation by smoking, desiccating, pickling, the sourcing of natural medicines and foraging foodstuffs to support the topic of diet and healthy eating and the importance of vitamins and minerals. (Did you know that Rowan berries and Rose hips are an extremely concentrated source of vitaminC ? but taste pretty foul and shouldn't be consumed in large quantities)

Team Working Games

Games come in many different forms and have many functions. We may also devise team games to improve co-operation, communication and working together in teams or groups.

New Experiences

Both theoretical and practical aspects of fire lighting are explored encompassing history, geology, physics, chemistry, even touching on aspects of social anthropology.

Culture & History

Throughout the courses, children are encouraged to be as creative and artistic as their imaginations will allow while also learning how people used to live.

Special activities for children We can come to you DBS certification and fully insured
Each programme can be tailored to embrace and support just about any school subject or topic you can think of. From music, drama, 'non' domestic science (outdoor cooking and baking to you and me), to geography/geology or the biology of the flora and fauna amongst which we find ourselves. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in outdoor education for schools, Wild school will either host your group at our site in Hampshire or come to your school or college to deliver curriculum based out door experiences for your children or young adults. Why not bring the classroom outside! We've been doing it successfully for years. Our instructors are highly experienced and qualified.

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