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Bushcraft Days for Kids and Adults alike present a novel, interesting, informative, and fun alternative to the usual run of the mill Birthday party entertainment. Ideal for just about any celebratory occasion.


Perfect for kids' parties as an exciting change from Bowling, Bouncy castles, Bozo the clown and Balloon Benders! In a typical Four Hour session, The group will be immersed and engaged in combinations of Shelter Building, Fire Lighting, Wild food foraging and Outdoor cooking intertwined with Wilderness games and activities involving Tracking, Camouflage, Capturing Flags or being British bulldogs.

Alternatively, a Party may centre around creative arts and crafts with perhaps willow weaving, whittling, fabric dyeing or maybe developing more advanced cooking skills and techniques. Traditional Stories around the Campfire with Cocoa and Marshmallows are always a favourite for those darker days of Autumn and Winter.

How you wish to build your Party is up to you as the bespoke nature of this guarantees fun for all, pitched at the right level for your own particular gathering.


Also great for themed stag or hen weekends for those who wish to be a little, or a whole lot closer to nature.


Camps and activity days prove equally popular involving the whole tribe, working and learning together with a common objective and purpose.

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