Challenge your colleagues to survival school !

Team-building that they will actually enjoy for a change. Learn survival skills you never know when you may need.

We offer day courses, camps, team building workshops and conference activity sessions which facilitate group cohesion, bonding, togetherness, whatever you like to call it hosted by us in Hampshire or when visiting a location of your choice. Your personnel are assured a fun, informative, thoroughly enriching experience tailor made to test and bind your 'tribe' with common purpose and understanding.

Tailored courses

Each course can be personalised to fit your specific requirements, with our expertise in foraging, fire lighting and crafting we can create the perfect experience for you and your team.

Group dynamics

The sessions usually provide a fascinating ( often revealing ) insight into the true group dynamics of any given team of people. Sometimes, it's surprising who really shines and rises to the surface when out of their comfort zone.. and vice versa!


Each course will be adapted to underpin your particular goals and watch as leadership skills are tested and how individual confidence and self respect can flourish in just a short space of time. A leader in the office after all, may be only that.

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